Personalise Your Marketing With Dynamic Content

"74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests." - Janrain

So how can marketers meet this high demand for super-personalised communications? The answer lies in dynamic content.

In this free guide, see 7 simple ways marketers can use dynamic content to connect with audiences in a more organic and personalised way.

Grab your copy to find out:

  • How top brands like Netflix and Amazon use dynamic content.
  • The marketing automation features that enable you to deliver personalised experiences.
  • Ways to personalise your emails, landing pages, forms, pop-ups and more using dynamic content.


"Five years ago, people were awed when Amazon could recommend a product they'd love. Today, users expect that Netflix will recommend another binge-worthy series based on their tastes. To keep up, marketers need the power of dynamic content."

I've got to read it:


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